Megan Cox

I would like to thank the YMCA, and supporting partners, for all that they do for our community, our children, and my family. My daughter begin the YMCA program in 2014, and the YMCA family has been wonderful to us from the beginning. The staff and leaders of the camps/after-hours care have become like an extended family to my daughter and I, and I am glad that we have a facility like this in our community. I would also like to extend my gratitude for the “Open Doors” program that is offered for families in need of financial assistance. As a single parent, this program has enabled my daughter to attend the YMCA. If it would not have been for this wonderful program, we would have never been able to be a part of this wonderful YMCA family. It gives me peace of mind, to know that while I am working, my daughter is in a safe, happy, and educational environment. The leaders of the children’s programs, the director and individual class leaders, have went out of their way to make sure that we are taken care of and that all needs are met. They are friendly and kind, and I admire the things that they do to help our younger generation develop and grow. I wanted to take a few moments to Thank You for a wonderful job, and let you know that there are many parents, just like myself, who are truly grateful for the YMCA and the programs offered. This facility, and staff, are an asset in our community!