James Bell

Why did we join the Y? We are in our 60’s and we joined the Y, because we needed a new “lifestyle”. Now we love the people there, the chance to talk to other people that are there, and we even like the exercise and how we feel from it. The Y has become family! In June 2014, we joined the Y in conjunction with Health Management Resources (HMR) of Floyd Memorial Hospital. With the addition of a new educated lifestyle of healthy eating, we had to exercise; a new word in our vocabulary. At first we were using the track at the fairgrounds to get our walking done. Due to multiple medical issues, we needed a more level surface and with all weather and stable environment. The Y met these requirements. Combining HMR and the Y, our life has changed! The Y has an affordable family membership, plus the help from the Wellness Coach has been exactly what we needed. We went from a couple with major heart problems, high blood pressure and other medical issues to a much healthier pair. Together we have worked to lose a combine weight of 175 pounds. My wife, Evelyn, is at her ideal maintenance weight and I still have approximately 60 - 65 pounds to lose. You think that you have too many medical issues to join the Y or to do exercising, you are wrong! Since I am limited to certain types of exercises due to medical problems, the Y and their staff have been a great asset in helping us on our journey. Is has enough equipment to allow us to realize our dream of weight loss, health improvement, eating healthier, decreasing and eliminating prescriptions, seeing the doctors less, and enjoying being more active together. Thanks to the YMCA of Harrison County and their staff for their assistance in our new lifestyle.